Capturing the spirit of a location online. How we designed location management for UCLA Library


Designing a website for an organization with multiple locations is challenging. Especially when those locations have their own needs, goals, and identities. Libraries, in all shapes and sizes, face many challenges when building or redesigning their website. They need to build something that students and patrons can use for research as well as something that actually helps people interact with the library’s various locations. This becomes especially difficult when the library is spread across several buildings and departments — and the people that work at the different libraries often have very different ideas about how their library should be represented on the Web. In this session, Lisa Kemp-Jones, project manager at UCLA Library, and Rick Cecil, Director of User Experience at Bluespark, review the 10 challenges they faced when designing for location for UCLA Library and its branches.

  • Challenge #1 - Who Is Our Primary Audience And What Is Their Context Of Use?
  • Challenge #2 - Are We A Library? Or Do We Have
  • Challenge #3 - Libraries Are Not Buildings
  • Challenge #4 - Finding The Right Location
  • Challenge #5- When The Library Doesn’t Matter, But The Location Does...
  • Challenge # 6 - Is It Open?
  • Challenge #7 - Destinations Within A Location
  • Challenge #8 - What’s Going On At The Library
  • Challenge #9 - Balancing Autonomy And Control
  • Challenge #10 - Consistency Between The Virtual And The Physical


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