0 to MVP in 40 minutes: Coder and Themer get rich quick in silicon valley


Coder and Themer are at it again! This time they have set aside their differences for a noble cause: VC money. Watch them brainstorm a brilliant idea for a web-mobile-2.0-interactive-app-thingie, and then build a fully functional Drupal 8 MVP in time for their meeting with the bank.

Startups and big organizations alike use rapid prototyping tools like AngularJS to show how an idea will look in practice. The decoupled power of Drupal 8, makes it the perfect place for information to be ingested, created, and re-mixed to become great content. Imagine a rapid prototype with real, enterprise-ready data consumption and modelling power!

In this session Coder and Themer will work together to create a web application that ingests content from an external API, performs content management tasks (data modelling, relationships, etc.) through the Drupal 8 interface, and delivers it all to an AngularJS frontend. We will build a data model, configure Drupal’s REST components to consume and export data, and integrate it all with a decoupled interface that you can access and use by the end of the session.

We’ll talk about Drupal’s successes and challenges spanning the gap between complex technology and empowering its end-users, between providing fertile ground for coders and getting business done.

You’ll leave this session with a new toolset for making that rapid prototype into a real, working MVP. That means fertile development ground for your coders, and faster time-to-market for your product.

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Coding and Development

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 10:45 to 11:45
Petree C -Acquia