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Retaining organizational knowledge and experience is among the biggest challenges a software development company, of any size, faces.

Wikis and other knowledge base tools often fail to solve this, as developers rarely have time to read, let alone update, the contents. More often, the result is a loosely connected collection of entries with dubious relevance to the current state of the technology.

At Gizra, we’re trying to approach this in a different way. By building tools informed by what we’ve learned and the practices we’ve adopted, and by integrating them into our day to day workflow, we seek to transfer our knowledge through code rather than documentation.

This session is the 2nd part of The Gizra Way, where we'll discuss in depth the set of tools we use to build our projects.

  • Hedley generator - a Yeoman generator that scaffolds a (Headless Drupal) project along with A Drupal installation profile, and Angular app, behat and PhantomCSS tests already preconfigured, and a fully working .travis.yml file
  • WebDriverCSS - How we do UI regression testing on multiple browsers. We'll discuss some common cases (e.g. a home page with random images), and I'll give tips on how to avoid pitfalls
  • Behat - How we write Behat "the right way", and why we use it instead of CasperJs
  • Logs - How we use Loggly to consolidate all our applications, and provide error alerts in real time

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