Collaboratively Commanding Scope and Budget: Transformative Project Reporting


How can product owners and stakeholders truly command their own scope and budget? How can project managers and production teams transcend mere transparency to, instead, facilitate meaningful, harmonious, and lasting collaboration?

As Agile Scrum and other iterative methodologies continue to proliferate throughout the web service industry, it’s increasingly easy to build consensus around principles such as predictive forecasting, vertical slices, and short development cycles…

...What’s not so easy is transforming these seemingly abstract philosophies into tangible rituals and tools.

In this session, we will discuss an innovative, actionable --- and easy to implement --- approach to collaboratively commanding project budget and scope: in other words, transforming and elevating the way project health reporting is done.


Key takeaways:

  • How to give all project members and stakeholders a substantial, yet succinct, view of a project’s health

  • What metrics product owners really need in order to manage their own scope and budget

  • How to give the product owner the reins without forfeiting valuable guidance from the production team

  • How to use predictive forecasting for more realistic budget estimates

  • How upselling (and even discouraging) new features can be more effectively achieved

  • Why Agile Scrum helps coordinate impactful collaboration

  • How to identify pain and risk early and often when it comes to scope creep

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Business and Strategy

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