Configuration Management in Drupal 7

Brian MacKinney

Drupal 7 Configuration Management

With Drupal 8 still on the horizon, many site builders are stuck using features to move content types, vocabularies, and views as modules from dev to test and live.  Prepare for the Drupal 8 CMI dance party with this module that applies many of the principles of the Drupal 8 CMI.

This session will teach you how to use Configuration Management, coupled with environment-specific configurations using settings.php, to create a more efficient workflow for exporting configurations from the database to the codebase, deploying them using git, and then importing them into the target environment's database with drush.

We’ll also briefly discuss the state of the module and its prospects for usage on production sites.

  1. Introduction to the Module

  2. What is xautoload and why is it necessary?

  3. Demo

  4. Examination of a configuration .inc files

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Site Building

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