Content After Launch: Preparing a Monkey for Space


Content After Launch: Preparing a Monkey for Space

When rocket scientists first launched primates into space, they had a general idea of where they were headed. All of their previous experiments, testing, projects and planning in their entire internal history had led them to that moment. That next step.

Your website (or a client's website) also has a launch date and many will have had previous "internal history" to work from. Similar to a rocket scientist dressing a monkey in a space suit, everything in the cosmos has brought you to THIS moment in time.

Are you ready to launch a monkey into space?

The focus of this session is to help you become fully prepared for unforeseen challenges, by making very specific choices BEFORE you launch the next website release. This session will be covering...

  • What you should consider when preparing your content types?
  • Are there options available for content automation?
  • How to plan for logical AND unforeseen future needs NOW, before they are actually needed.
  • Best practices to consider for all team members involved.

Pros vs. Cons: in regard to...

  • Building content types too simple or open-ended
  • Building content types too strict rigid in how data is collected/entered

Through examples of both extremes, we can take a voyage together and see first-hand how these "small choices" now can have "big impacts" on your options at later date or future phases. Covering these subjects from an entire team's point of view, we'll see it from the perspective of...

  • Clients/Owners
  • Content Managers
  • Back-End Developers
  • Visual Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Front-End Themers

...and the ripple of changes into other areas, including your budget(s).

Session Track

User Experience Design

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00
515B -Forum One