Content Managers are Users Too!


When we think of user experience design, we often focus on the end-user -- that person that our client's website is trying to reach. And when considering the glamorous user stories, end-user personas and site goals, it is easy to forget about the most important users on the site: the content managers.

Content managers are the most important users because they are the ones that keep the content up to date, relevant, and following good standards such as Section 508 compliance. When a site is difficult, or even simply less than pleasant, to use, the content suffers. Since a site is only as good as its content, the entire user experience on the site suffers, no matter how intuitive the layout or easy-to-click the buttons. 

This session will cover the following:
  • How content editors use the tools available
  • How to identify the unique needs of a particular client, especially regarding skill level
  • How to talk with a client about changing the workflow with which they are comfortable to one that will get them better results
  • How to craft easy solutions into a site to help with Section 508 compliance in content
  • How to present complex workflows in a manner that is easy for the busy, non-skilled content manager
  • How The Cherry Hill Team handles constructing the content managers' UX

The Cherry Hill Company has built hundreds of sites for clients of all different skill levels and with diverse workflow needs. We also offer a product called LibrarySite to small public libraries, where the content editors are usually individuals with dozens of responsibilities and no time to think about which buttons to push to get content up. We understand the often conflicting difference between best practices and real-world needs, and have developed methods for satisfying both under tight budgets.

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