Contributing to Drupal as a Small Business - A Win-Win Approach


We are all powered by Drupal, so let's keep it running! Every single contributor makes a difference to the community. Business owners of all sizes have a unique opportunity to empower their team to be a team of active contributors!

At Hook 42, one of our strategic business goals is to be actively involved in and give back to the Drupal Community. We contribute in ways that are within the means of our company size - we are a team of 11 and qualify as “small”. Before the company we were freelancers, so we know how to contribute on an individual to medium scale.

This session will surface how we plan, budget, and execute our Drupal community efforts. Our goal is to provide you and your team creative options for community contributions within your company or individual resources.

From Kristen Pol:
"We need to encourage more contribution, and contribution comes in different shapes and forms. This would be a good session for students, freelancers, and small to medium shops."

Everyone makes a difference!

Benefits to Attendees / Objectives:
  • Contribute beyond “committing to core”.
  • Identify non-coding contributions to get everyone involved.
  • Surface contributions that are not monetary in nature.
  • Address the “How much contribution can I afford?” question.
  • Quantify the return of your Drupal community investment with real data.
  • Tie community contributions into your project work.
  • Surface contribution resources on and other sites.
Speaker's Certifications & Education:
  • Certified Project Management Professional, - 2006
  • Stanford Certified Project Manager / Advanced Project Management - 2006
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Certified Microsoft Technical Specialist - MS Project (and a bunch of other old MS tech)
  • Business Analyst Education -
  • Business Process Improvement - Performance Design Labs / Rummler Process (pre Six Sigma).
  • University: Kinesiology / Physiotherapy, Psychology. ;)
Beyond the Certs - Real World Experience:
  • CEO & Co-founder of an 11 person Drupal shop in San Francisco, Hook 42. A small team with big enterprise experience.
  • Ran own freelance company working with large enterprise clients.
  • Worked at and with full service agencies as a vendor manager, Managing Architect, and partner.
  • Large enterprise applications architect, project, program, and portfolio manager at a bunch of big name companies.
  • Specialized in large enterprise collaboration applications, knowledge management, process automation, and web technologies since 1997.
  • Industries include: Agencies, Entertainment Software, Healthcare, Retail/E-Commerce, Security, Industrial / Commercial Software

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Business and Strategy

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