Cover your Drupal site/profile with Behat


Drupal world has awesome tools set:

  • code standards via sniffers
  • approaches to achieve full code-driven development flow
  • tons of ready to go modules, code gists, video and tutorials to spead up site cration dramatically

But we miss last item to have awesome site creation lifecycle - full test coverage.

Sites on Drupal is something like 70-80% of sitebuilding and then custom code. In "perfect world" every module will have full PHPUnit test coverage but still we need functional tests and here we have only one but awesome tool - Behat

In this session I will share experience on real examples, show "life-hacks" and tricks to make tests work and cover more stuff in different conditions, then we will write small single test to cover one but complex node edit form with bunch of core and contrib modules (choosen, media, wysiwyg, drag-n-drop).

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Coding and Development

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