CPS - The Content Preview System


Being able to see changes in a site-wide preview mode, then review and publish those changes, has long been the holy grail of content management. While workbench enabled this draft workflow for single nodes, CPS allows to see all drafts within a site version and see the site as if it was live already.

What looks simple in the end has been a difficult process in getting to the right architecture and creating the building blocks necessary (drafty, entity_status, cps itself, workflows integrated with the module).

This session is both about showing off the new CPS module as a new kid-on-the-block for content management and the low-level architecture behind this that can help workbench and other multi-version modules as well.

It also shows nicely how a module evolves over time with different approaches.

Note: Other speakers could still join in to share experiences with content workflow and CPS if they wanted.

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