Creating a Culture of Content Creation: How Mediacurrent’s Marketing Team Creates Drupal Thought Leaders


Your team’s marketing department knows the value of content creation, but what about the rest of your team? You know, the ones who are creating the deliverables for your customers?

Your target audience is looking for solutions to their problem and want to learn more about how your Drupal agency or consultancy can help. The truth is that everyone in your company is an expert in your business, so why not use that to your advantage?

This session will share best practices around how Mediacurrent has created an inbound marketing culture. The results: In 2014, we were named the #1 SMB in the world by  Didi DuBose, Mediacurrent’s Senior Marketing Strategist, will show you how creating a culture around content creation is feasible, and how to empower everyone on your team to become subject matter experts.

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