d3.js visualizations in Drupal

Why is writing a module that allows a site builder to spin up a new visualization with Views UI so difficult?  It could have to do with the fact that by the time you have the module ready to show this: http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/3885304 the d3.js community is already showing this: http://visualizing.org/full-screen/54850   or this http://web.stanford.edu/group/gsbvisualization/demo_pathways.html

This session will talk about the architecture behind the Drupal d3 module. We’ll talk about how visualizations become libraries, integrated and mapped to views with .info files. We’ll talk about how visualization libraries for Drupal can be created, contributed, and then downloaded just like modules.

We will demo how the Stanford Law School legal research SSLA project used  Drupal to support research, scholarship, data management and visualization.

Drupal was used to

  • create complex data structures intuitively without coding SQL using Content Types
  • import or enter data & metadata via a single web interface 
  • display data in various formats & visualizations using Views and D3 library module
  • share data for others to use

About the project:  The SSLA project tracks stockholder class action lawsuits and SEC enforcement actions.  Data is collected in real-time during the life of the case and updated in an "event-driven system".  That data is then made available to users in advanced search and data analytics functions, including interactive data visualizations.


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