Decoupled Drupal: When, Why, and How


The "conscious uncoupling" of front-end and back-end is an increasingly popular site architecture, for a number of reasons. In a web increasingly driven by APIs, Drupal can be a first-class producer as well as consumer. This session will delve into the motivations and benefits of a decoupled (aka "headless") architecture, including:

  • The state of popular JavaScript front-end frameworks

  • How decoupled architecture can help future-proof a website

  • Leveraging a wider set of experts by clearly delineating front and back-end

  • Modules and patterns to build decoupled websites today using Drupal 7, and what to expect with Drupal 8

  • Using Drupal to front-end for Drupal (zombie Drupal)

For anyone embarking on a fresh new build, or with dynamic use-cases in mind, a decoupled architecture is with serious consideration. Come to this session and find out why.

Session Track

Front End

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When & Where

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00
502A - BlackMesh