The Deployable Dev Stack


Are you sick of trying to figure out how to setup your local environment to closely mimic the live server? Have you ever said, “But it works locally!” Are you simply sick of manually running tasks over and over again like placing files or installing drupal/drush?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! Local development deserves the automation and ease that live and staging servers have using provisioning tools.

Your local machine is a server, too.

This talk will cover how to spin up a deployable local server using VAMPD, a Vagrant + Chef solution that includes a Drupal cookbook. The Drupal cookbook includes tasks like:

  • Pulling down the repo
  • Creating the settings.php
  • Importing a live database
  • Setting Up php, mysql, and apache for Drupal Usage
  • Installing Drush
  • Automatically running Drush make, site-install, and/or update
  • And more…

We will walk through the different abilities of VAMPD and how to configure it for any situation large or small. We will also discuss the inadvertent benefits of VAMPD including how it strengthens coding standards and adds consistency for individuals and across teams. The talk will additionally include a brief comparison of the other popular local development solutions currently available.

Finally, we will address how to go from local to live using the same tools!

This talk is for those who:

  • Want to automate all the things!
  • Are tired of MAMP or WAMP
  • Don’t want to be server experts
  • Are server experts looking to deploy their Chef instances locally
  • Don’t want to maintain custom bash scripts for each project.  
  • Want to automate drupal tasks

More details on VAMPD can be found at and

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