Design Everything


Design is not just for the website itself.  As a creator of websites and a purveyor of Drupal, we have the opportunity to make the website implementation process an exciting and informative journey.  Designing everything-- from the client-development team interaction, to the actual web pages, to the long-term content management processes-- can mean the difference between a spent client who just wants to get it over with; and a satisfied, gratified client who looks to YOU for more ideas on how they can improve or expand their website in the future.

Design everything:     

  • Literally, design the pages
    • web pages
    • authoring pages
  • Design the website experience
    • anonymous site visitor’s experience
    • authenticated user’s experience
    • authoring experience
    • advanced authoring experience
  • Design the client’s experience
    • take a step back and establish the feel-good goals
    • co-design
    • agile and the backlog
    • managing feedback
      • sprint demo tips
      • UAT help
      • back to the backlog
    • setting the stage for future enhancements

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User Experience Design

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