Design in the Browser ... Better


We've all been through it: The tedium of mockup after mockup until it's hard to remember what was good or bad. The itch to get some code on the screen already. Design in the browser is all in all a good idea, for both client and designer. But while it's wonderful to ditch Photoshop and throw pixel pushing to the wind, design in the browser still calls for some preparation. It's easy to veer to the other extreme and let your code dictate your design, rather than the other way around. We'll explore techniques for designing in the browser, toolkits to prepare, toolkits to develop, and ways to evaluate our finished product. We'll also talk about potential drawbacks and how to approach Drupal themes.

Here's what we'll discuss:

  • What is design in the browser?
  • From style tiles to style guides
  • Framework or no framework?
  • Prototype, don't Photoshop
  • Best practices for static prototypes
  • Dealing with clients and feedback
  • Tools for designing in the browser
  • Front-end automation with Gulp
  • Visual diffs with CSS regressions
  • Designing in the browser in Drupal

This session is geared toward all designers and front-end developers interested in improving their design workflow.

Session Track

Front End

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