DevOps+ to Leverage Software Development


We all know that the DevOps approach brings developers and operators into closer collaboration. On the other hand, we learned that the requirements of each team member are different to achieve software product development. For example:

  • Product Owner must deliver the high quality product by a deadline and wants to know what is happening in the project because it is necessary to take an action before a minor issue becomes critical.
  • Developers want to focus on implementation by automating code validation and unit tests to keeping code quality.
  • QA team requires to cover wide range of test cases with security check in a timely manner.
  • Operating team is comfortable as long as the system is stable.

In order to tie these various requirements together, we propose the entire agile development process as "DevOps+" by visualizing throughout project - issue management, software design, code implementation, quality testing, systems deployment, security check, release management and its operation in-the-Cloud.

This session will provide a demo of Drupal-as-a-Service for "DevOps+" with the integration of back-end systems including JIRA, Git, Chef, Jenkins, Veracode (for Code Security Validation), Public/Private Clouds, Nagios, Splunk and collectd.

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