Dominating the beast with Vagrant, Ansible and Docker


How many hours of local deployments waste this month?

It is the same all the time, you get a new project... you cross fingers saying to yourself: "Not another multi-site setup this time!", and bam! you got 5 multi-sites bundled in a zip file and your documentation is brief email like this: "There you have the database & files dump and the git clone url. If there is any issue just clear the cache. Best wishes (good luck!)".

After a few hours of fighting with the beast, you get it installed, then you clear the cache and everything is broken, you discover that memcache and solr were missconfigured and you don't have the original settings.php file. A couple days later you receive a nice email from the customer saying: "Somebody is spamming all my users with random email notices, can you fix it". Oh! it was your local mail server spamming the world for free...

A few weeks later, if you still have the customer with you, it is time to deliver your work. You get the customer happy after screensharing your work, you get green light to deploy to production and the beast starts to eat you! You were using the wrong PHP version, a completely different web server, the cache server is redis, the search engine is elastix, there is no-sql messing with sessions and users, there is not a production server but actually three ...

Sounds familiar? You got the power to break this vicious loop!

  • Take control of your local environments with Vagrant, Ansible and Docker, actually, make it closer to the production environment and be ready to deploy from day 1.
  • Learn how Vagrant will help you get an standard operating layer to build your environments on top of it.
  • Get in love of Ansible playbook.yml and recipes.
  • Let the power of Docker containers help you build and share ready to use server setups.
  • Automate, replicate and streamline your local development process
  • Share your local env with your peers and get interactive help

No more local deployment headches! No more fear to delegate your work with remote peers! Make a more efficient use of your computing resources! Bring new life to your development servers!

Are you ready to change the way you do web development forever? Don't miss this session!

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