Translating Success In Drupal 8: The Manhattan Associates Story


In this session we will explore the business factors and decisions that lead Mediacurrent, Lingotek and Manhattan Associates to partner together and launch one of the first fully translated Enterprise Drupal 8 websites in the world. Co-presented by members of the Mediacurrent and Lingotek teams, we will highlight the reasons why Manhattan Associates chose to be an early adopter of Drupal 8, and how Drupal 8’s core functionality allowed them to execute on their Digital and Redesign strategy with mitigated risk and big savings over the long term.

The session will cover in detail how Mediacurrent and Lingotek’s unique expertise opened up the possibility of early adoption for Manhattan Associates. We will explore solutions to the problems encountered during the planning and architectural design process and lessons learned during development and implementation. Problems resolved include:

  • Risk management: Accounting for the risk of Drupal 8 architectural changes during development.

  • Proving the ROI of a complicated Drupal 8 build with Manhattan Associates stakeholders.

  • Managing scope during the discovery and planning phases to ensure timeline and development estimate success.

We will share exactly what you need to know to decide if your business is ready for Drupal 8.  We will show how to take advantage of its world class content publishing and translation capabilities as the platform for your current and future needs.

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Business Showcase

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When & Where

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 15:45 to 16:45
409AB - InMotion Hosting