Drupal in the Age of Personalization


The web has become increasingly contextual over the past years. Organizations are leveraging more and more data sources and technologies to build unified profiles of their site visitors and deliver personalized experiences through the web, email, mobile devices and more. But where does Drupal fit into all of this? What are the parts of an organization wide solution that will unlock the vast potential of your data?

There are a lot of hard questions and the answer won't be the same for everyone. This presentation will survey the broad marketing technology and strategy landscape, and paint a picture of three strategies to leverage Drupal in the Age of Personalization.

Topics covered will include:

  • What it means to personalize
  • How to build a data centric organization
  • Leveraging CRM data
  • Leveraging Marketing Automation Data
  • Connecting Analytics
  • Lots of open source and SaaS products you should know about

Session Track

Business and Strategy

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