Drupal + Angular JS + Ionic: mobile apps reusing website code


Headless Drupal is everywhere! We can make anything consume Drupal content: from webapps to mobile apps. But here is the catch: you know Drupal, the content is the same, but create projects for different platforms demands from you many different knowledges. How can we invest in learning something that will be useful both on Drupal theming and on mobile apps?

Many people know about Phonegap(and many don't know that it's based on Apache Cordova, that is the de facto base framework), but a new tool called Ionic Framework brings something really interesting: we can use Angular JS to develop mobile apps like many people are used to do with Jquery. Angular JS has becoming even more awesome each day(see a little more on Lullabot's post and Gizra's post) and improving Drupal UX with it is really easy and the results are amazing: both for end users as to developers(data binding seems so natural - something that Jquery selectors are not).

Join me in this session as we walk through a complete mobile app made with Ionic(a social network with Drupal as the backend, with nodes having pictures taken with the phone camera) and talk about some interesting points when developing with Angular JS + Ionic and Drupal, specially my experiences with RESTWS and Services module.

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