Drupal is Coming to a City Near You


Many of us are familiar with the well publicized federal government sites, such as the White House, the Department of Energy, and NASA, as leading examples of government moving to open source and Drupal. But take a look around and you’ll find a lot of other local and state government organizations are also on the move to Drupal as well. Join me as I take you on a tour of some of these perhaps lesser known but equally valuable sites across local and state government.

This sharecase style presentation profiles a number of government Drupal sites to answer questions such as:

- How did they come to pick Drupal?

- What worked well… and what didn’t?

- What were the challenges as a government institution?

- What are their future plans?

- What kinds of help do they look for from the Drupal community?

We'll also share some insights along the way about how Drupal can face off against the proprietary CMS vendors in the government space -- in both cases where Drupal is winning and where it hasn't won yet...and why not... and what we can do as a Drupal community to help. 

This session is for all those interested in government use of Drupal, especially those considering Drupal in their local cities, counties, and states.


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