From Drupal Company to Agency


As Drupal has grown so have the companies that provide its services.  Almost all Drupal providers have started out as passionate development focus companies.  In this session I would like to talk about my experiences helping bring operations and business processes to a technology led organization.  Most Drupal companies were founded in passion for the technology.  As they have grown, there has been an increased need for passion in the business & operations roles that help convert Drupal Companies into Agencies.


Drupal Development Company

Drupal Agency


This session will focus on the process of organizing, monitoring/tooling, and growing your organization.


  • Drupal Agency Service Lines

    • Explanation of the lines

    • List of services provided by each service line (activities and deliverables)

    • Benefits

    • Sourcing

  • Structuring Teams in a Drupal Agency

    • Service line division vs Project stage division

    • The Game -- mini companies


  • Monitoring

    • Leading Indicators

    • Process & Templates

    • Flash Reports

      • Automation

      • Un-automation

  • Tooling

    • Reporting

      • Team

      • Company

    • Project Management

    • Development

    • Systems


  • Administration - Changing   “The Overhead Team”  into “The Growth Team”

    • HR

    • Sales

    • Marketing

    • Directors


Session Track

Business and Strategy

Experience Level


Drupal Version