Drupal Dev Awesome Body of Knowledge (DDABOK)

Wikipedia defines a body of knowledge (BOK or BoK) as "the complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain, as defined by the relevant learned society or professional association." We now have the Acquia certified development program and associated knowledge base, which effectively covers Drupal. But we know no developer who does Drupal only does Drupal because it's Drupal. It's open source and built to connect to the web and other systems. Whether it's Angular , JQuery, or SASS on the front-end; MySQL, PostGRES, or MongoDB on the backend; or Apache Solr, Google Analytics, or the Facebook API on the services side, we need to know something beyond Drupal now to deliver a complete solution. When Drupal 8 hits with Composer, maybe we also need to know Symfony, Joomla, and Laravel. And, with mobile representing an ever increasing portion of visitiors, we definitely  need to know something about responsive development and design. This session will briefly review all these techonologies, and also look at newly popular development languages such as Elixir ane Go that we can use to improve and augment our capabilies, and then finally celebrate our open develoment freedom and the ability to manage and capitalize on the unknown future 


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Coding and Development

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