Drupal distributions: the present and FUTURE!


A Drupal distribution is a combination of Drupal core, some contrib modules and themes, plus default configuration that can be installed as a whole. Most distributions target a specific use case, like building restaurant websites.

So, immediately after installing the Restaurant distribution, you have a site with a menu, online reservations, and a map out-of-the-box — without having to start from vanilla Drupal 7 and build all those things from scratch. There are Drupal distributions for many use cases: company intranetse-commerce store frontsconference websitessales demos, and much more!

In this Panel discussion, we'll be discussing questions like:

  • Why to use a Drupal distribution?
  • What are some tips and pitfalls when using a distribution?
  • Why to create your own distribution?
  • How to get started creating your distribution?
  • How will distributions look in Drupal 8?
... and answer your questions as well!
On the Panel, we'll have representatives from some of the biggest Open Source distributions available, including:

Session Track

Site Building

Experience Level


Drupal Version