Drupal Maintenance at Warp 10: How to Support 40 Sites with Just 5 People


Drupal site development isn't just about building strange, new sites or giving old sites new life and new organization. There's always someone in the engine room trying to hold the whole thing together, and sometimes Drupal just 'canna take anymore!'

From the moment a client signs the contract until that unholy hour when it's just you (in your red shirt), the server, and a White Screen of Death, site maintenance is a critical part of the business.

In this session we'll explore the engine room of Drupal site development and share what we've learned on the final frontier. We'll cover topics such as:

  • how to manage the handoff from development
  • in-house vs. outsourced maintenance
  • multiple-site/multiple-version maintenance workflow
  • dealing with custom code and hacked core

So join us as we Boldly Go Where Developers Have Gone Before!

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