Drupal Time Machine: Things I Wish I Had Known as a Rookie Developer


Alas, we can't travel back in time and warn our newbie selves about the Drupal perils that await. But more seasoned Drupal devs can at least impart their wisdom to newer devs.

This talk will do just that. Drawing on nearly a decade in Drupal (working on large education and public media projects), I'll introduce the beginning Drupaller to a number of key concepts and tools: 

  • The talk will start with some basic building blocks: understanding linux and a basic web architecture.
  • We'll then move to some invaluable Drupal tools: git, drush, local development, etc.
  • Next, we'll talk about finding help and getting involved in the Drupal community
  • Finally, we'll end by talking about what you'll need to know to master Drupal 8!

Attendees should leave with a set of tools and ideas that can be used to jumpstart their Drupal careers!

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Coding and Development

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