Easy Automated Testing via Docker


In this session, we illustrate how Docker can provide an easy-to-use framework for automated Drupal tests. Our Docker container provides a way for developers to have a flexible, powerful, and consistent environment that can be deployed in a local development environment, or on a development or QA server.

Our containerized test framework provides many advantages:

  • Developers spend more time writing tests and code, and less time  installing and configuring tools.
  • We have a consistent environment across all environments, from the laptop to the staging server
  • Tests can be run manually, via git hooks, or via cron
  • Cucumber BDD tests, static code analysis and code quality tests,  and performance tests can all be run from the same environment.
  • Installation to a new environment takes minutes, not days
  • Test results can be saved to facilitate longitudinal statistical  analysis of code metrics or code quality metrics.

If you've been interested in automated testing, but haven't had the time to dig in and set up a proper testing environment, this is the talk for you.

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