Easy performance tuning for a snappy site and happy users

In its default configuration, Drupal is not often known as a high performance application. With each page generating dozens or even hundreds of SQL queries and hundreds of hooks vying for CPU time Drupal can be a resource hog and serve up sluggish pages for users. Performance tuning sounds expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. There are several best practices for building a snappy and light-weight Drupal site that are low in cost and effort to implement.
In this session we’ll play "spot the bottleneck" and propose easy solutions to each of the performance issues we identify.
Topics to be covered:
  • Evaluating your site performance
  • Caching everything!
    • PHP (opcode)
    • Drupal caching backends (Database, redis, memcache, etc)
    • Page caches (Varnish, etc)
  • Optimizing the code base (modules, custom code, etc)
  • Waiting for 3rd party integrations
  • Content weight (images, videos, etc)

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Coding and Development

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