Efficient Drupal Development with Tmux and Tmuxinator


Have you ever wished you could just type one command and load up all of the things you need for your new project? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your terminal set up with the correct Drush alias, booting your vagrant box, tailing watchdog, with access to your servers just a couple keystrokes away? Sounds nice, right? Maybe you use tools like Grunt, Gulp, Sass. Frontend developers will find this useful as well.

In this session you will see in introduction to Tmux, the terminal multiplexer that allows you to quickly switch between multiple terminal programs. In addition we will cover how you can quickly set up Tmuxinator for new projects. The attendee will learn how to use these tools to quickly switch projects without losing commandline history or polluting the bash history of a different project.

We will cover many handy command line tips as well as how you can effectively use Drush aliases to speed up your interaction with both local and remote Drupal sites. Finally, we will see how you can use Tmux to pair program with your colleagues.

Want to get a sneak peak? Check out my blog post on Mediacurrent.com

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