Embrace Hacking Culture and Grow Your Business


Every page of the DrupalCon LA website lists the Platinum sponsors, and (at the time of this writing) all of the Platinum sponsors have at least one job posting for a developer. The problem many companies are trying to solve is how to attract the developers needed to grow. This presentation offers one possible solution: embrace hacking culture.

Drawing not just on his experiences as a developer at Lullabot and wide-ranging participation in the Drupal community, but also on years of academic training in cultural studies, interviews with free software advocates and business owners, and an extensive review of the literature about open source business models, Matthew Tift offers his advice on how to attract and retain top talent:

  • Trust each other
  • Embrace consensus-based democracy
  • Seek doers
  • Practice conspicuous code review
  • Be polite
  • Ask questions
  • Have fun

The culture of a company can be its best asset. Numerous leading development firms and successful free software communities share a broad array of cultural characteristics. Companies that build the web using Drupal are well served to understand how Drupal fits into the broader free culture world, learn from its rich history, and flourish.

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