To enable, to override, to patch, to hack or to code from scratch - that is the question!


Drupal has an amazing spread of available contributed modules that do everything from providing front-to-back e-commerce to simply allowing you to add a class to a block. The problem is - as with any platform - you really don't want to just turn on that module simply because it appears to accomplish the shortcut you are after. If you want to develop solid Drupal sites, you want to know what that module is doing before anchoring yourself to it. You also have to decide whether to apply patches, override a module, write your own - there's no single answer to a problem. In this session, we'll have a discussion about how you go about choosing to use a module, when to modify or override it, and when to drop into code. More importantly, we'll talk about the implications of making these tough choices.

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Coding and Development

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