Enough with the Pretty Brochures, Let's Start Building Better Business Tools: the Art of Data-Driven Marketing


Today, few Brands have a technology problem, rather they have an underlying business problem. However, as an industry we’ve been guilty of too often drawing on our own ‘digital prowess’ and (at best) guessing users’ digital behaviour, in other words - ignoring the data.

Today, that’s not good enough and the excuses are few and far between. Especially when the cost of processing is down, tools are accessible to nearly everyone, and we all have the ability to measure everything. So what’s holding us back?

Enough with the guess work, let’s try harder and use what’s already there and what we already have in front of us - data. Let’s nix the tech terms and start focusing on driving business value.

In this presentation, Propeople’s Chief Strategy & Insights Officer Gus Murray will cover how digital insights and personalisation are changing the way organizations can use their corporate website.

Topics covered in this session:

  • How personalisation is changing the way B2B/B2C communicate with their customers,

  • Content as your customer's first purchase,

  • Using social to better inform your audience understanding, and

  • The marketing technology stack.

Join this session if you are working with digital marketing, business development or you want to add value to the conversation, not just noise.

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Business Showcase

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When & Where

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 10:45 to 11:45
409AB - InMotion Hosting