Entities, Bundles, and Fields: You need to understand this!


One of the great benefits of Drupal is that it gives great power to a group of developers we call Site Builders, who are able to build powerful sites without any custom code. But just because you aren't writing code for Drupal doesn't mean you can't benefit from knowing what is going on under the hood.

In this session we will explore 3 key concepts in Drupal 7 and 8, Entities Bundles and Fields. We will see that these are the common foundations for many of the most important features  of Drupal including Nodes, Taxonomy Terms, and Users.

For example, did you know that:

  • Content Types and Vocabularies are both actually Bundles
  • Views determines which Fields are available by the base Entity type of your View plus the Entity Types of your relationships

We will then explore how Entities, Bundles and Fields are stored in the actual database and how this affects how modules like Views can interact with them. After we understand what Entities, Bundles, and Fields actually are we will explore how this foundation is used by popular modules such as Views, Rules, and Drupal Commerce and how this can affect how you build sites. We will also look at how Drupal 8 core expands on this use what this will mean for Site Builders.

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Site Building

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