Ever tell a plumber to fix a leak with duct tape? Our clients are never wrong.


Well, I've not actually ever talked to a plumber like that, but I'd imagine she would have the same look on her face as I do when clients tell me how I can solve their problem. It's just human nature to come up with solutions and then to ask others to bid on a price for that solution. 

At Commerce Guys, we try really hard to get every client to go through a Project Discovery phase before we ever put numbers to solutions. During this talk I'll bring up some pretty awesome anecdotal stories from the last 10 years of my client experience. Then I will help everyone dive a little deeper into what our clients are actually trying to tell us and offer some real tips that helps us go from a duct tape fix for leaky pipes to an actual solution for their actual problem.

Let's start helping our clients help themselves by using a bit of humor and some real insights instead of just estimating our client's requested fix.

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