Fetcher: A next generation Drupal build and automation system


Fetcher is a new build tool for Drupal. Fetcher maintains a list of all of the sites your team has ever worked on and makes deploying a copy of that site onto your local dev machine or your server a single command. This command will create a database and user, configure grants, create apache or nginx vhosts, clone your code, fetch your database, your files, and even execute site-specific tasks. It makes provisioning and synchronizing a breeze.

Fetcher is all object-oriented and fully buzzword-compliant featuring a PSR-0 autoloaded code base leveraging symfony components, dependency injected, and highly pluggable for your extending pleasure. Fetcher has been in use by the Zivtech team that developed it for two years and at this point we can’t live without it. We think if you try it out, you won’t be able to live without it either.

In this session we'll see a live demo and review the extension points so that you can quickly and easily see how to extend fetcher for your needs.

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