Automate Process / Development / Testing with Flo


The way we work is fundamentally broken. Flo is cli application built on top of various tools to help you fix the way you work. Flo was developed out of frustration with the current process/development/testing practices commonly used when building web applications. 

Some of the topics we'll discuss:

Benefits of using a Streamlined CLI application
 - Ability to add commands such as `check-php`, `new-release`, `pr-deploy', etc
 - Easy integration with unit testing, code sniffers, and other automated tests
 - Uses various GitHub API's to build environments for every pull request and manage integration environments
 - Reports code failures quickly and comprehensively
 - Standardizes the release process 

Github: Using Github’s API to report everything
  - Using GitHub’s Deployment API to build an Environment for every Pull Request
  - Reporting proper failures (Test, Lints, etc..) using Github Status API

  - Reporting Code Sniffer failures using Github Code Review API
  - Managing Integration environments using Github’s Label API


Pull Request:
  - Automatic environment management for every Pull Request (Create/Update/Destroy)
  - Automatic Performance testing
    - PageSpeed Score
    - CSS Regression
  - Managing multiple Environments to Tell Multiple Pull Request at the same time without Merging
  - Automating the Rejection of a single Pull Request from various environments with a single click


  - Allowing Acceptance stories to be tested and review as soon as possible
  - Incorporating Design/Product/Engineers in the entire process from start to merge.


And so much more.

The goal of this talk is to show you how Flo works so you can extend it or build your own similar tool with minimal effort that contains all the important business/development process require for your project to succeed.


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