Fun with PHP Design Patterns

Do you redesign your code over and over again? Are you tired of having a lot of code complexity just to do one small thing, and repeating similar code to do a similar feature?

Stop wasting time! 

For all of these concerns and problems, use DESIGN PATTERNS. Design patterns are used more frequently in Drupal 8. Used correctly, they can enhance your back-end skills and saved you a lot of time, but much like Drupal itself, it takes a lot of time to learn. And we all know watching hours of tutorials isn't very entertaining. 

This session will put the fun back in learning design patterns. And who better than an assortment of warriors, wizards, and archers to explain the main design patterns in PHP? An entertaining presentation with lots of learning and more comedy, we can guarantee this will be the most entertaining design patterns tutorial you'll ever watch.   

AnexusIT & Phase2 Drupal Developer Eduardo Telaya will cover the fun way to learn php design patterns.

This session will cover:
  • What's a Design Pattern?
  • When do I use Design Patterns?
  • How will Drupal 8 change the way I use design patterns?
  • How do I increase the efficiency of the coding process?
  • How do I avoid redesign, or at least minimize it?


About the presenter:

Eduardo Telaya brings a wide variety of skills to his role as a developer. A Developer working with back-end. More than 5 years of experience both in agencies and as an in-house developer give him a great flexibility. And now currently working for AnexusIT assigned Projects to Phase2 company.

Eduardo has worked on a wide variety of projects, with an emphasis in the last 3 years on Drupal work. Highlights include the web site for World Bank, Admonsters, LAN.  He's mentor and contributes to modules/patches help on IRC and Drupal Community to grow.

A native Peruvian, Eduardo earned Lic. in System Engineer at "Universidad Autónoma del Perú". He has also been speaker for DrupalPicchu, Drupalcamps, World training days, meetups and organizer, etc is most of them.

The complete list of being speaker/organizer in Drupal Community is here:


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