Going beyond experience: Designing for Engagement


There are a lot of different ways to look at how you want your users to interact with your brand. Each with its own perspective and ideas on how you can spend your limited budget.

Traditional Discovery methods are falling short of providing a clear, cross-channel strategy for truly engaging with our audience. At Bluespark, we’ve been taking a long hard look at how all these dots (social, web, mobile, etc.) connect and we realized something: it’s not enough to connect the different strategy and design dots. We need to provide a unified, strategic direction that each of these disciplines can use to orchestrate and focus their efforts.

Our approach to this problem has evolved over the past year into what we’re calling Engagement Strategy. At its core, Engagement Strategy is a high level look at your brand, channels, and audience—and how they interact with each other. To create our Engagement Strategy process, we’ve pieced together techniques and methodologies from some of the smartest minds around the world along with our own experience to create something that is core to the business process, measurable, and successful.

In this session, we’ll look at a recently launched redesign of Howlround.com and how we used Engagement Strategy to create a unified vision for their web platform. At the end of this presentation, you’ll know:

  • What Engagement is
  • How to define an Engagement Model
  • How to use this model to create well-define Objectives and Key Results
  • Using this model to align Experience Strategy, Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy
  • How great engagement leads to more successful projects and happier customers.

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User Experience Design

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