govCMS: Government as a Service


The Australian Federal Government has just taken the revolutionary step of standardising on Drupal in public cloud. govCMS is a 'Whole of Government' solution that any federal or state level agency can join, leveraging the infrastructure, knowledge and experience of the collective government.

By pioneering this solution, the Australian Government are putting a stake in the ground and challenging the traditional private, proprietary, closed source approaches taken in the past. This opens up new possibilities for governments around the World in their search for an ideal platform to interact with their citizens.

In this session, I'll be speaking about the process we took to take govCMS from an idea to a platform capable of delivering the government as a service. We'll be discussing: 

  • Lessons learned along the way;
  • How broad solutions can be engineered;
  • The decisions needed to keep govCMS from bloating;
  • The benefits this entire project brings to the Drupal community, to Australia, and to governments globally;
  • How you can contribute

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Drupal Showcase

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