Growing and Managing Drupal Organisations


The success of any IT project, Drupal site development included, depends on the people. The key to success is hiring only good people, avoiding mediocrity, and growing the knowledge of the team with each and every project. This is easier said than done.

The session discusses how to create, grow, and develop a Drupal organisation and to keep your business afloat. The main emphasis is on acquiring and maintaining talented individuals and focusing their energy on a common goal.

The point of view in the session comes from the Nordic countries that are known for both flat organisations that trust the people and exceptional results. The Nordic way of managing people resonates well with the Drupal community that is also build on trust and getting things done. The session does not try to convince anyone to scrap the current way of running their business, but to give food for thought and maybe ideas for improvements.

The first part of the session elaborates building a Drupal organisation as a Drupal vendor, and the second part discusses creating a Drupal organisation as a customer.

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