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Harmony is an entity based forum built with the intention of ending lacklustre reliance on the Core forum module and painful nightmare integrations with 3rd-party software. The aim is for Harmony to be for forums and communities what Commerce is to building an online shop with Drupal.

In this session you'll get to hear about...

  • How this project got started.
  • The mission! Distributions and more
  • What sets it apart in approach from Core forum, advanced forum and 3rd-party integrations (and why those options suck).
  • Development approach and module integrations (you only get what you need, and integrate with everything possible) to provide ultimate flexibility!
  • Why it makes sense to develop a forum with Drupal.
  • Who's using Harmony? Including a quick overview of Cancer Chat, how Cancer Research UK - the worlds largest research based charity rebuilt their community using┬áHarmony.
  • Introduction of front-end mockups (working HTML, to be implemented).
  • What Harmony looks like right now and a tour of features.
  • Roadmap (what's coming up), planned modules, themes and distributions.
  • Initiatives to come out of Harmony work, At.js, Profanity, Event Data Store, Letter Default Avatar, Communication Stack┬ámodules.
  • How to get involved.

Why not give Harmony a go? Try it on SimplyTest.me.

Want more information? Come on over!

Care to hear about Harmony Forum, check out this interview on Modules Unravelled.

Why do we need a session on Harmony? Because it's not known to all that it's an option to use a native Drupal entity solution, see this recent podcast.

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Thursday, 14 May, 2015 - 14:15 to 15:15
518 - Trellon