Headless Drupal for the Enterprise: qualcomm.com



John Snow
Software Architect - Mirum
Lead Drupal Engineer, qualcomm.com

David Pett
Director of Front End Development - Mirum
Lead Front End engineer, qualcomm.com

Lauren Kerr
Executive Digital Producer - Mirum
Production Lead, qualcomm.com

Todd Tarplee
Digital Marketing Manager - Qualcomm


Most Drupal sites are conventional: user clicks on a link in a menu or a button, a new page loads and the entire site is navigated this way. Elements that are re-used on most if not all of a site such as headers and footers, menus and the like are essentially re-downloaded, again and again as the same HTML and CSS. With the proliferation of mobile and more advanced sites, users are now becoming accustomed to a more seamless, "app-like" experience. Smooth transitions, only loading new content into the page, along with full responsiveness for varying screen sizes and devices are becoming more commonplace as this technology leaves the realm of the "cutting edge". 

Frameworks such as Ember or Angular are powering these experiences from a front-end experience, but how do these get integrated into Drupal without losing any of the attributes that we've come to expect for more conventional sites? What does it take to make Drupal scale this experience to the enterprise level? How did we solve the unique challenges we faced by building an unconventional Drupal site? What is the size and scope of the team and how did we organize to make this happen in a matter of months? 

We'll answer these questions and more as we delve into the story of re-building qualcomm.com to support an entirely new front-end using the Ember framework. You'll get the perspective of the client, the executive digital producer and both tech leads from a front end and back end perspective. 

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Drupal Showcase

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