How to build a hybrid app with native performance on Drupal (with very little code)


Headless? Apps? AngularJS? Ionic? If *some* of these words are new to you then prepare for some magic. I've been building websites, inparticular drupal websites (mainly ecommerce sites) for many years now. But I must say that day to day I use apps more and more frequently. Come to this session to see how easy it is to build a HTML5 app in Ionic Framework.

Join me in this session to see Ionic Framework in action. Using a opensource GitHub project ( I will show you how quick you can build a native mobile app on Drupal. We all love the things in Drupal we get for free, content management, user login, views. But when it comes to mobile apps we don't want to spend our time writing user authentication and all these things again.

Why the front end track?

This session will be focusing on the front end and using angularjs and the various drupal connector projects on github (for both D8 and D7). This session will assume that you have a Drupal 8 or Drupal 7 site set up to serve your content. A demo site will be provided, as well as a demo drupal installation for those wishing to have a playground. 

This session will cover

  • Reasons to Build a Mobile App for a Drupal Website
  • What extra features can I get from a mobile app (photos, geolocation, geofencing)
  • Overview of Technologies Involved
  • Getting started with Ionic and why its a really good tool for the job (compared to other frameworks)
  • Similarties between building on Ionic/AngularJS with Drupal (e.g. how to build menu paths)
  • How the learning curve isn't actually that steep for frontenders and backenders alike
  • Drupal 8 and Drupal 7
  • Q&A

Session Track

Front End

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