How to Create a Website ROI Spreadsheet


In this talk we'll show you how to create a simple spreadsheet that measures your website ROI. This methodology works for any website, in any industry.

First, we'll start with some conceptual work, identifying three categories of metrics: input, output, and revenue metrics. 

Then, we'll walk through two very different client use cases, both Drupal sites: an indie record label with an eCommerce site and a healthcare software company with a lead generation site. We'll present ROI spreadsheets for each client, identifying specific KPIs in the input, output, and revenue categories.

At the end, we'll show you how you can use this method to pitch new web projects, tying your proposals to revenue goals and projections. We'll also share some of the specific questions, challenges, and objections we face when proposing ROI-driven web projects. 

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Business and Strategy

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