How cultivating a DevOps culture will raise your team to the next level


The single biggest jump my team has ever seen in proficiency, knowledge, and productivity happened when we switched from developing on MAMP to using virtual machines that matched our production servers. At the time Vagrant had not yet been created and devops was not yet a word, all we knew was that we were collaborating in way that wasn’t possible before. Soon the whole team was solving problems and improving our stack rather than just the “ops” guys.

Devops is not about tooling, it is about the freedom to innovate and the power to learn. When developers are empowered to learn the operations language they have more flexibility and more permission to experiment with new technologies and to come up with innovative solutions. When operations people are empowered to build the tools they need, they can add the pieces they need to solve business problems.

In this session we will explain how following the DevOps principles of Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing can help you build a strong cross disciplinary team where every member has a deeper proficiency with the tools of our trade and how we are better for it. We will review the tools we use to empower our teams to pursue these ideals. We’ll also look at how our clients and trainees have benefitted from this approach, both in working with us and in adopting these practices.

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