How I rewrote my module for Drupal 8 and lived to tell the tale


tl;dr: I was afraid of Drupal 8, so I prepared a talk about it and started porting a module. I'm not scared of it anymore. Come see why.

Long version:

I have a confession: Drupal 8 used to scare me. It seemed the community was in a panic, Drupal forked, and, in general, the changes were enormous.

Today, I think the changes in Drupal 8 were a good idea.

What made me change my mind?

In short, actually learning Drupal 8. I prepared a session for a DrupalCamp about porting modules to Drupal 8, and this forced me to re-evaluate my opinion of it.

That experience is what I'll be covering in this talk. I'll also talk about:

  • the major Drupal 8 WTFs (confusing/surprising things) I encountered
  • how the community helped me
  • other tools and techniques that helped me

I won't cover most general aspects of module porting since there are other sessions that already do, but I will give you plenty of places to look if you want to teach yourself. Maybe even some that the other sessions don't have time to mention :)

I'll also let you take a peek at my ported module in all its D8 splendor.

Do you maintain a module, whether contributed or custom? Is Drupal 8 a little intimidating? Then this talk is for you.

P.S. The use of the word "rewrote" in the title is not a typo. Drupal 8's changed a lot, and porting modules essentially entails a rewrite; same concepts and functionality, but a new code structure.
P.P.S. The module I worked on porting was FillPDF.

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