How to Make Support Work Fun and Profitable


Most Drupal shops have difficulty supporting their clients’ websites. Support work is not usually perceived as exciting or alluring, yet it’s critical to our clients’ long-term success and to driving repeat business. In this session, Vivek Goel will describe how he created and manages Four Kitchens’ support division, which after only one year accounts for nearly 10% of annual revenue.

This session will cover:

  • How to build a successful support operation using a business plan.
  • How to make the flow of support work more predictable.
  • How to avoid falling into a landmine of problems when handling code you didn't write.
  • How to create an environment where support developers are excited about what they are doing.
  • How to adjust your processes for support work vs. project work.
  • How to turn support into a powerful business development tool.
  • ...And much more!

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Business and Strategy

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