How "Open" Changes Product Development


There’s a lot of speculation about open source product development. How can a product with “no IP” be competitive? What are the viable business models, when the code is freely available? And how am I supposed to build and take a viable product to market if my open source company is focused on services, not products?

The truth is, you can build — and successfully take to market — an open source product. But the rules are different, and must not be ignored. Product development is guided by different goals. Business models are based on different value propositions. And open source communities must be considered partners in the effort, not detractors or nay-sayers.

This talk will focus on three areas of open source products: product development, go-to-market strategy, and balancing product and services work. We’ll look at examples of open source products who have threaded the needle and “made it,” as well as a few that have crashed and burned. Most importantly, we’ll offer clear tips and guidance for those considering building or marketing an open source product.

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Business and Strategy

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