How We Built 400 Websites in 1 year: Platforms, Distributions and Scaling for Enterprise

Shawn DeArmond

Drupal Hosting Platforms such as Acquia and Pantheon Cloud Services, combined with a well built Drupal distibution can be leveraged to create a federeated set of website properties for an an organization.  

  • UCSF used this approach to build 400 websites over a 1 year period. (over 100 were built in under 2 months).
  • UC Davis is using this approach to create a new standard of consistency across the enterprise.
  • The University of Texas is begining this process and will provide thier research on various plaform approaches.

The by standardizing the web hosting platfrom rapid site deployment is made possible,  per site cost is reduced, mainaince costs are reduced, devleopment can be shared across mulitple internal organizations,  and branding consistency is increased. 

At UCSF this approach has "bent the curve" for the cost of IT services by reducing our yearly toal cost per site from $4,000 to $700 over a two year period. Yes, that includes staff salaries! 

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